Upcoming 3DS game Monster Hunter 4G has officially jumped the gun, with Sonic the Hedgehog now making an appearance…sort of. Capcom have announced a special collaboration between the two franchises. Using Sonic the Hedgehog armor, you can equip the sword Caliburn, which you may remember is the sword Sonic uses from Sonic and the Black Knight. There’s also a Guild Card background up for grabs of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games. Both these collaboration items will be available in Japan first on December 5th, but are also making their way to Europe and North America when the game launches outside Japan in 2015.

This is only a costume for your Felyne companion in the game though, so don\’t expect to be able to dress up as Sonic yourself and run around jumping on bad guys, as cool as that sounds, it’s not happening. Are there any other collaboration you think would be good for Monster Hunter? Let us know below!


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