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The Monster Hunter movie from director Paul W. S. Anderson probably ranks among the least-talked-about of the upcoming video game movies, and that’s because details aren’t always easy to come by. In February, the film received a couple posters that featured hunters and no monsters, but to date, it still has no official trailer. A teaser trailer that leaked unofficially last year is all we have to go on. Nonetheless, in a new fiscal presentation for growth strategies for the coming year, Capcom still casually says that the Monster Hunter movie will see a “September 2020” release date.

Monster Hunter movie isn’t immune to a future delay

Specifically, the game movie was previously announced over a year ago by Sony Pictures to release on Sept. 4, 2020. Obviously, that was long before the coronavirus ever became a factor, and since the pandemic began, a spectacular number of films and TV shows have been delayed. The fact that Monster Hunter is planned to come out later in the year does not make it immune to delays either, as production companies are bumping movies in order to make more space for movies that have already been delayed. For instance, the ninth Fast and Furious film has taken over the 2021 release date spot that originally was to be given to the (God help us.) 10th Fast and Furious film.

Thus, despite Capcom’s optimism, the release date of the Monster Hunter movie may still shift. For fans of the series though, or for fans of stars Milla Jovovich or martial arts god Tony Jaa, it could be worth the wait. And you never know — the film could pull a Trolls World Tour and release straight to VOD (video on demand) platforms.

Capcom made no mention of the planned Mega Man movie in its presentation, likely because that’s certainly more than a year away from release, but we do have some reason to believe that film may head to Netflix.


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