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Monster Hunter Rise adds a lot of new mechanics to the series, such as Switch Skills and Wirebugs. However, one of the best additions to the game is none other than the Palamute. They make traversal a lot quicker, and they are actually formidable in a fight against a monster. As per series norm, the Palico also makes a return, so that means you now have two animal pals to take care of. Kamura Village is home to a variety of different services, and there is a specific area dedicated to your “Buddies.” If you take the bridge into the forest, you will arrive in the Buddy Plaza. This area allows you to further customize your Buddies and recruit new ones entirely. This Monster Hunter Rise Buddies guide will explain how the Buddy Plaza functions and how you should approach it with regard to the Palamute and Palico.

Use the Buddy Scout to hire new animal pals

Scout Monster Hunter Rise Buddies Guide buddy Palamute Palico Buddy Plaza tips tricks power up strengthen friends

Iori is a young boy that will help you recruit new Buddies. There are options in Monster Hunter Rise to filter your search for a Palico or Palamute, just in case you want a specific look for the Buddy in question. If you decide it’s time to say goodbye, you can always dismiss them. It is worth gathering a few different buddies, as each one comes with their own skills and behavior. The Palicoes in particular can have different roles, such as Assist or Healer. Depending on how you want them to act, it is worth visiting this area to experiment with buddies that will fit your play style.

Train at the Buddy Dojo

Lagniapple Buddy Dojo Monster Hunter Rise Buddies Guide buddy Palamute Palico Buddy Plaza tips tricks power up strengthen friends

If you are out exploring with a different set of buddies, you can send other Buddies to the Buddy Dojo. This will allow them to earn valuable experience while they’re not being used, so they don’t fall behind your other Buddies. You will need to spend Kamura Points to send your Buddies into the Dojo, so be mindful before sending them into it. It is also worth noting that you can use a Lagniapple, which will boost the results of the training.

Forge new gear at the Buddy Smithy

The Buddies will need gear too, as they need to stand a chance while facing monsters, don’t they? Right next to the main smithy in Kamura Village is the Buddy Smithy, which will allow you to use scrap to create new equipment for your Palico and Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise. Scrap can be earned from expeditions and hunts, or you can trade monster parts for specific materials. Just like with the hunter’s gear, they will have different resistances and stats, so be mindful before heading out on a hunt.

Check the Buddy Board to change skills and equipment

MHR Buddy Board

The Buddy Board can easily be described as the item box but for your Buddies. The Buddy Board is located in most areas of Kamura Village, so don’t worry about returning to Buddy Plaza all the time. This is where you will be able to swap out Buddies, skills, equipment, and even manage their behavior. If you want to edit their physical appearance, you can also do that as well.

Send out the Meowcenaries to get additional materials

MH Rise Meowcenaries

Speaking to Felyne Chief Kogarashi will allow you to build an elite team of buddies and send them out on an adventure to gather resources. This is worth doing, mainly because it allows you to get precious crafting materials for both yourself and your Buddies. Just like with the Buddy Dojo, these expeditions will require Kamura Points, but they often reap beneficial rewards.

This guide has covered the five main things you need to know about Buddies, Palico, and Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise. We have also prepared a beginners guide and weapons guide, so be sure to check them out as well. Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Nintendo Switch, and if you haven’t actually bought it yet, check out our review of the game.

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