Monster Hunter Rise concept art Komitsu

Monster Hunter Rise is launching for Nintendo Switch on March 26, and Capcom has been sharing various details on Twitter. Everyone loves to see some concept art, and the Japanese studio has released artwork for the cute character Komitsu in Monster Hunter Rise.

She is described as “Komitsu the Sweettooth, a brave young girl who just wants to help.” Players will be able to find her running a candy apple shop in Kamura Village. According to the game’s website, the residents of Kamura Village treat her affectionately because of her innocent and courageous personality. The character is being voiced by Laura Stahl, whom you may recognize as the voice of Barbara from Genshin Impact.

Capcom has also shared more Monster Hunter Rise concept art on its social channels, with more detailed information available on the game’s webpage. You can currently download a playable demo of Rise until Jan. 31. In our preview of the demo, we praised its visuals and the fact that it’s more Monster Hunter. If you’re after more Monster Hunter on the go, you’re in luck. The game is available to preorder digitally and at various retailers, with an amiibo also releasing on the same day. Monster Hunter Rise is is shaping up to be an exciting adventure as it launches this March.


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