Monster Hunter Rise demo quest average completion times revealed Capcom

The demo for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise allowed players to get a decent taste of what to expect when the game launches next month with its two quests and tutorials. Capcom has since ended the online portion of the demo and has started sharing player stats. We get an insight into how long it took players to complete the two available quests in the Monster Hunter Rise demo Рwhich includes completion times for hunting the Great Izuchi and Mizutsune.

The Great Izuchi mission took players on average 11 minutes and 16 seconds. The slightly more difficult Mizutsune quest took a bit longer, with an average time of 21 minutes and 57 seconds. Capcom also recently revealed the top three weapons that were used. The Long Sword took the top spot with 19.1% of players picking it as their weapon of choice (myself included).

With the demo period over, there is not long to wait before Monster Hunter Rise releases on Nintendo Switch. The game is shaping up to be yet another great entry in the long-running series, with our thoughts on the demo reflecting that. Capcom and Nintendo are also working together to release a beautiful Nintendo Switch console and Pro Controller.

Monster Hunter Rise launches on March 26 alongside a whole plethora of goodies. Are you excited to slay some monsters?


Jaimie Ditchfield
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