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All of you amiibo collectors know that there are some incredibly rare figures out there. Some of these were region-exclusive, a limited run, or just so popular that supply couldn’t meet the demand. It looks like we might have a new set entering the “region exclusive” rare category, as Capcom has revealed some gold Monster Hunter Rise amiibo.

These aren’t the same ones we reported on last September. In addition to those, Capcom has revealed a trio of gold amiibo figures (above), and they’ll be exclusive to Japan. What’s more, they aren’t going to be available to buy, which could make them even more desirable. In order to get your hands on these, you’ll have to get lucky in a lottery.

monster hunter rise amiibo nintendo switch

The amiibo figures us mere mortals can get

Special lottery tickets will be available through 7-Eleven convenience stores in Japan to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter Rise. The tickets will be available from Jan. 25 to April 11, and the raffle features 711 prizes. Capcom hasn’t revealed how many prizes will be the set of gold amiibo, but we’d assume the raffle is bulked out with plenty of other merchandise.

If that’s the case, these could become some of the rarest amiibo figures out there. Combine that with the fact that Monster Hunter Rise will no doubt be incredibly popular itself, and we’re gonna say these amiibo figures will be extremely tough to find. To all you amiibo collectors out there, good luck!


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