Monster Hunter Rise Grip Controller for Nintendo Switch

You can’t have a decent handheld Monster Hunter game without some alternative grip controller option, and Hori has us covered for Monster Hunter Rise. The latest edition of Hori’s Split Pad Pro controller comes with a Monster Hunter Rise design featuring Magnamalo, and it will release next month in Japan.

The Split Pad Pro controllers were designed to make the Switch fit your hands like a full-sized controller when playing in portable mode. It also comes with extra-large shoulder buttons made easier to press. Additionally, it includes two programmable rear buttons, so you can assign functions that fit your preference and play style. In any case, we’ve come a long way since the claw grip days.

The Monster Hunter Rise Grip Controller also includes the other features from the regular Split Pad Pro controllers, such as the Turbo function. It’s additionally dock-friendly, so you won’t have to bother taking off the grip to charge or play on TV mode.

Hori’s Monster Hunter Rise Grip Controller will cost 5,478 yen (~$50) when it launches next month in Japan. If you’re curious about the Split Pad Pro controller, check out Brett’s “6 months later” video below for a closer look:

Monster Hunter Rise launches for Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. A second demo featuring a fight against Magnamalo is now available.



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