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Already four years in the making, Monster Hunter Rise is looking quite impressive ahead of its Switch release next March, boosting hype levels every time fans get to see a glimpse of the game in action. For example, take this six-minute gameplay trailer released yesterday. In the trailer, which comes courtesy of the official Monster Hunter YouTube channel, a narrator provides commentary on a standard hunt. Armed with a Great Sword and two Palamutes, the player travels to the Shrine Ruins to take down a pesky bird wyvern called Aknosom. Check it out for yourself below to see how the game plays on Switch. Spoiler alert: it looks fantastic.

Yeah, I need Monster Hunter Rise as soon as possible. The combat looks smooth, the world appears wonderful for exploration, and I cannot wait to try out all sorts of different gameplay styles. While there’s clearly a lot going on and tons to manage, the developers seem to have optimized gameplay with the Switch in mind, which will hopefully translate to an accessible and exciting experience that can introduce thousands of new players to the series.

What do you think of Monster Hunter Rise so far? Does this trailer change your mind for better or for worse? Personally, gameplay demos like this one are quickly moving the game up on my most-wanted list. It looks like the sort of title that I can get lost in for hours on end, and the gameplay seems just incredible. It’ll hopefully fall in line as part of a strong 2021 for the Switch.



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