Monster Hunter Rise TGS 2020 Online trailer offers a bit of new gameplay

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During its Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online livestream, Capcom displayed a Monster Hunter Rise trailer including a bit of new gameplay. The trailer is the same as the one previously shown in the recent Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, but there’s upward of 10 seconds of new or remixed gameplay after a certain point. The new Monster Hunter Rise gameplay footage begins at 1:40, followed by some familiar scenes, then some more new bits.

This Monster Hunter Rise gameplay shows some of the same encounters from a different point of view. Early on in the new footage a hunter throws an explosive barrel down at a monster. Straight after this we get a phenomenal look at a hunter wielding a lance against a group of smaller creatures. There’s also a better look at the face of an apparently not-yet-named unnamed monster. This creature seems to be some sort of giant insect that lives deep underground, close to lava.

The best part of this new footage for me is the fight against Aknosom, the bird-like monster. A hunter pulls off an incredible spin attack that sends it flying, leading into a combo that hits it right on the head as it turns back to land a counter attack on the hunter.

Capcom will launch Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.


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