Monster Hunter Rise 1.1.2 update Capcom patch notes

Capcom has released a new update for Monster Hunter Rise, bringing it to version 1.1.2. The new update addresses a bug that makes save files unusable and fixes some other minor issues. Here are the full patch notes from the official Monster Hunter Rise website.

Monster Hunter Rise 1.1.2


  • Fixed a bug causing the controls to stop responding when you sit down on a bench in the village and use the “Call Cohoot” gesture and perform certain actions.
  • Fixed a bug causing menu options to be inaccessible when you enter the Gathering Hub with your Cohoot on your arm and sit down on a bench and open the Gestures menu.


  • Fixed a bug causing the controls to stop responding under certain circumstances when you receive a Join Request while riding a Canyne set to your second Buddy slot.
  • Fixed a bug causing the controls to stop responding when receiving and accepting a Join Request while climbing a wall at the Training Area on the back of a Canyne set to your second Buddy slot.
  • Fixed a bug causing save data to be corrupted when you try to continue the game from the Title Menu after quitting the game while having the Attack Pose Set and Hurt Pose Set equipped to the Action Bar or the radial menu.
    You will now be able to resume your game with the save data in question.
  • Fixed a bug causing controls to stop responding when performing certain actions after using an updraft (upwelling wind) at the Lava Caverns.
  • Fixed a bug causing an error when changing Switch Skills at the item box using certain game data.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the software keyboard from being displayed when you try to change the minimum HR when searching for an online Lobby.
  • Other bug fixes.

This month will also see the first major update for Monster Hunter Rise, which will add Apex Rathalos, Chameleos, and several new monsters to the game. However, the most exciting part about the upcoming patch is that the Hunter Rank cap will be removed. Another update is also planned for later this year that will add more monsters and a new ending. Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch, in addition to the 1.1.2 update.


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