Monster Hunter Rise soundtrack video making of

Capcom always goes all-out when it comes to making music for the Monster Hunter series, and the soundtrack for Monster Hunter Rise is no exception, as a new video shows.

The video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the music for Monster Hunter Rise, starting with “Kamura’s Song of Purification,” sung by Izumi Kato. The trailer then shows “Brave Hunters” with vocals by Kanae Miyazaki. We also get to see an orchestra performance for “Sanctuary Abandoned by the Gods,” featuring traditional Japanese instrumentation.

The coolest part is definitely the Aknosom intro by the Satsuma-biwa (pear-shaped lute) performer Kakushin Tomoyoshi. He’s the guy behind the song-like dialogue for the monster intros, which are based on classical Japanese theater. The full lyrics for Aknosom’s intro are as follows:

A bamboo forest at night
The sound of dancing is heard

Resembling a parasol
But in truth a monstrous bird

Be wary of its figure
And its vibrant hue

For once its collar opens
A rain of blood with ensue

Now that’s pretty metal for the “Parasol Bird.” On second thought, the “Yummy Dango Song No. 1” by Yomogi’s voice actress Kana Asumi is also a banger. You can check them out for yourself in the Monster Hunter Rise “Making of the Soundtrack” video below:

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch. The PC version will release worldwide in early 2022. Update 3.1 launched last week, and you can expect more content early next month, including collaboration armor from Monster Hunter Stories 2.



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