Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide

Monster Hunter Rise presents its players with the opportunity to wield 14 unique weapon types. This has been a staple part of the series since its inception, with Monster Hunter Rise adding more depth to an already solid framework. This is mostly in part to the addition of two new core gameplay mechanics, Switch Skills and the Wirebug. There are more options for approaching a hunt, and just like always, every weapon is viable. Choosing a preferred weapon can be daunting at first, so we have prepared an in-depth weapons guide for Monster Hunter Rise. We are going to go over Switch Skills, the Wirebug, and each weapon in great detail. No matter what weapon you choose, they will be effective depending on your play style and experience using it.

Training Area

Monster Hunter Rise Training Area Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide

First and foremost, you will want to head to the Training Area located in Buddy Plaza. This is a perfect location to learn a weapon’s combos, play style, and Switch Skills. There isn’t really an opportunity to experiment fully during a hunt, with most of them restricting your time to do so. To make things more convenient, there is an item box nearby, allowing you to swap weapons at any time. If you decide you don’t like a specific weapon, just chuck it back in the item box and try again. Also, make sure to check your Hunter’s Notes, as there are in-depth explanations of a weapon’s basic controls and mechanics.

Monster Hunter Rise weapon Switch Skills

Switch Skills are unique attacks that add a bit more spice to a weapon’s capabilities. Sometimes they will impact the functions of a weapon’s Wirebug or add new moves to add to your roster of combos. They can be changed at the item box, either in Kamura Village or in your tent while out exploring. Each Switch Skill is distinct, offering something that can easily change the outcome of a fight. For example, one of the Great Sword’s Switch Skills is called Guard Tackle, which allows you to follow up a successful guard with a powerful Charged Attack. Experiment with these to discover your own play style, as each weapon performs differently from one another, and Switch Skills emphasize those differences a bit more.

Great Sword

MH Rise Great Sword

My personal favorite, the Great Sword, is a great choice if you are interested in dealing hefty amounts of damage. The only downside to using this heavy weapon is that your movement speed is dramatically decreased. This is kind of obvious, considering that your hunter looks like they are struggling to hold the stupid thing. Holding the X button performs a charge attack, dealing more damage the longer you hold it. As you are restricted when it comes to movement, the Great Sword allows you to guard by holding ZR. This takes some getting used to, since it can be difficult to guard if you have already started to attack.

Out of all of the weapons, this one is probably one of the easiest to understand. It just requires you to think about positioning a bit more, as some monsters can easily avoid your basic attacks. The Great Sword’s Wirebug attacks focus on launching the player sky high, plummeting to the ground to deal massive damage, or performing a sheathing attack that finishes a combo nicely.

Sword and Shield

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide Sword and Shield

The Sword and Shield is a great beginner weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. There isn’t much to explain, with the main functions being attacking and blocking. Knowing when to raise your shield can be difficult at first, with some monsters being able to easily counteract your defenses. One of its only flaws is its damage output, which is much lower compared to other weapons in the game. However, if you are efficient when it comes to evading, the chances are you will be damaging a monster consistently.

On the Wirebug side of things, the Sword and Shield is effective at initiating a Wyvern Ride. One of the standard Wirebug attacks allows the hunter to spin their weapon in a giant circle, dealing damage to surrounding monsters, while the other one launches them into the air, allowing you to do damage as you land.


Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide Lance

The Lance is an effective defensive weapon that can be especially useful while questing together with friends. Most of your time with this weapon will be spent guarding, waiting for the right moment to perform a variety of thrust combos. There are also options to attack while guarding, but there are cooldowns between these attacks, so strategic use of them is required. The Lance’s standard Wirebug attacks are quite useful, boosting your attack power if you are effectively guarding or planting a vine onto a monster to launch yourself towards them at the perfect moment.


Gunlance Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide

Just like its younger brother, the Gunlance is another defensive weapon type. However, it packs a bigger punch, as you could probably imagine with the slight name change. Depending on what type of Gunlance you acquired at the Smithy, its performance will differ through the three Shelling types, Normal, Long, and Wide. Normal provides you with the most ammo, Long has the largest range, and Wide delivers higher damage at the cost of ammo. The standard Wirebug attacks are called Hail Cutter and Guard Edge; the former launches you into the air to deal commendable damage, while the latter if performed correctly regenerates your weapon’s sharpness and allows you to follow up with a combo. My only advice for this weapon is to pay attention to your ammo and use it efficiently.

Long Sword

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide Longsword

This is probably my second favorite weapon after the Great Sword. The Long Sword is probably one of the most satisfying weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing you to perform some incredible attacks. The weapon’s main feature is the Spirit Gauge, which changes color to notify you that your attack power has increased. Some of the combos can be complicated to understand at first, but they are a lot of fun to experiment with. There was a Switch Skill that I found myself using a lot called Silkbind Sakura Slash, which replaces the standard ZR + X Wirebug attack. It essentially launches you forward and deals quite a lot of damage upon sheathing your sword.

Dual Blades

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Guide Dual Blades

Another great beginner weapon, the Dual Blades are the quickest out of all of the game’s weapons. They are great if you want to be able to evade attacks easily and are really satisfying to use. The only downside to the Dual Blades is the damage output, which is quite low. However, as your movement and attack speed are really high, this rarely becomes an issue. I found the Dual Blades to be especially useful when up against quicker monsters like the Tobi Kadachi, as you can rival their speed while in a fight. I found its Wirebug attacks to be extremely situational though. To be honest, I rarely used them. The main Wirebug attack, Piercing Bind, attaches a tether to a monster. If they move away from you, the tether will explode, dealing respectable damage.

Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn

This weapon is particularly useful while playing with friends, as you can provide buffs to your hunting party by playing a variety of different songs. If you’re wanting to take on more of a support role, then the Hunting Horn is definitely for you. The combos for a particular song are constantly available on the game’s HUD, with more creative attacks also being described in the weapon controls menu or at the bottom of the screen in the training area. In terms of Wirebug attacks, the standard options available to you are Side Beat and Earthshaker. The former does a side slashing combo, which then activates the attack buff, while Earthshaker does a fair amount of damage, following it up with a tether explosion.


Monster Hunter Rise hammer

Similar to the Great Sword, the Hammer focuses on dealing heftier amounts of damage. However, the main difference is that you’ll find that your movement speed isn’t as restrictive as with the Great Sword. The player is able to perform charge attacks by holding ZR, and you even have the option to change your charge’s mode. The Hammer’s standard Wirebug options are the Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon, which sends the hunter flying towards your target, and Impact Crater, which like the Great Sword sends you flying in the air to then come crashing down.

Switch Axe

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is one of the more unique weapon variants in Monster Hunter Rise. As the name implies, the weapon is able to transform into an axe or a sword. There are different combos depending on which mode you choose to change it into, so be mindful of this when up against the game’s variety of monsters. However, morphing your weapon requires you to pay close attention to the Switch gauge, located at the top left of the screen. The Wirebug attacks for this particular weapon can be some of the most fun to use. There is Invincible Gambit, a Silkbind attack that launches a spinning attack that makes the user immune to flinching or being knocked back. The other attack is Switch Charger, which launches you forward and regenerates your Switch gauge.

Charge Blade

Charge Blade

The Charge Blade is yet another unique weapon in terms of its mechanics and plays like the Switch Axe in some regards. This weapon can switch from a Sword and Shield-like state into a ginormous axe. You will want to pay attention to the phials on the HUD, as they build up energy to power up your attacks while in both forms. The two Wirebug attacks are called Morphing Advance, which launches you forward while also swapping to axe mode, and Counter Peak Performance, a counter attack that fills your phials to maximum when timed correctly.

Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive

If you’re after a more acrobatic weapon type for Monster Hunter Rise, then this weapon is for you. The Insect Glaive has two main functions, the weapon itself and the Kinsect. You are able to send the Kinsect to harvest a variety of extracts, red (attack boost), white (speed boost), and orange (knockback protection). These can be combined to provide the hunter with some useful buffs while fighting a monster. Combining the weapon’s acrobatic nature with the verticality of the Wirebugs is an excellent choice. There is Silkbind Vault, which is a leaping attack, and Recall Kinsect, which returns your companion back to you while also scattering healing extracts.

Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun

I have decided to group these together, as they have similar play styles. Essentially, the Bowguns are a ranged weapon that can be equipped with a variety of different ammo types. The main difference is that the Heavy Bowgun can equip special ammo that launches a powerful shot. Either of them is a solid choice and comes with its own unique Wirebug attacks. For the Light Bowgun, you have Silkbind Glide and Fanning Vault, which both surge you forward but have different results. Meanwhile, the Heavy variant has Counter Shot, which absorbs an attack without taking damage, and Free Silkbind Glide, launching you forward to follow up with a melee attack.

Heavy Bowgun



The final weapon in the game is pretty straightforward. If you want to stay back, the Bow is a solid choice and can be great for multiplayer. Just like with the Bowguns, you will want to pay close attention to your ammo, which is called coating for this weapon. There are a variety of different coatings to choose from, with each one being effective depending on the situation. These can be crafted or purchased from the marketplace in Kamura Village. The Bow’s Wirebug attacks are called Focus Shot and Herculean Draw. Focus Shot is an evasive maneuver that allows you to rapidly regenerate your stamina and, if timed correctly, nullifies a monster attack. Herculean Draw, on the other hand, surges the player forward in any direction and boosts your attack for a short period of time.

Every weapon is viable in Monster Hunter Rise

No matter what weapon you choose in Monster Hunter Rise, each one will be effective the more you use it. Monster Hunter is a series all about experimentation and experience, so make sure to head to the training area to get some practice in. If you decide that a particular weapon isn’t for you, there are options to roll back a weapon in the Smithy, which in turn returns your well-earned materials back to you. Be sure to check out our review of the game and our beginner’s guide that dives into some tips and tricks to help you get started. Plus, we have a Buddies guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Palico and Palamute. We hope you can make great use of this Monster Hunter Rise weapons guide.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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