MonYuu demo and introduction trailer

Experience has announced a demo for the upcoming Nintendo Switch dungeon RPG MonYuu will release next month in Japan. As previously reported, the demo will also come with carryover save data support so players can continue their progress in the full version of the game.

The MonYuu demo will release in Japan on June 17, 2021, about a month before the full game’s launch in July. The demo will let players try out the first stage of the “Dragon King’s Tower,” and if they decide to purchase the full game, they’ll get to start from the second stage with the same data.

In case you forgot about MonYuu, it is the dungeon crawler with the ridiculously long full title and an art style that reminds us of the Etrian Odyssey series. You can read the full title here, but it translates to Defeat Monsters and Acquire Strong Swords and Armor – I Believe in the Day the Heroes Defeat the Demon Lord. Since it’s too long, Experience calls it MonYuu, which is short for Monster Yuusha, meaning Monster Hero.

Check out the MonYuu introduction trailer below:

The video shows the game flow of MonYuu, which begins with party compositions and deciding from eight different job classes. Team balance is essential, so you’ll want to keep in mind which characters fight in the front line and backline of the party.

MonYuu launches for the Nintendo Switch in Japan on July 15, 2021. It’ll be available physically and digitally for 5,980 yen (~$55.38).



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