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Moon: Remix RPG Adventure — or just Moon — has its Western release date on Nintendo Switch from Onion Games. We will get to experience the cult classic 1997 Love-de-Lic “anti-RPG” on Aug. 27. This is the first time the PlayStation 1 game has received an official English localization, and a new trailer has been released to mark the release date. It concludes with a sentiment of, “Don’t be a hero. Experience the love,” which is actually an oddly striking summary of what the game is all about.

Unlike in a typical RPG, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure says it is not okay to steal stuff from people’s houses or kill thousands of monsters that enter your field of vision. Instead, it is your duty to save the monsters’ souls after the monsters were killed by the game world’s “hero.” Releasing monsters’ souls creates Love, which is how you’ll progress in the game in lieu of accumulating experience from fighting. Additionally, eccentric NPCs live according to their own daily schedules, and you can get to know them and their routines.

In essence, Moon: Remix RPG Adventure is a game about restoring harmony like in any other RPG, but here the emphasis is on empathy and love instead of vanquishing every goblin on the planet. It’s exciting that English-speaking players will finally get to see what the fuss is all about in less than a month on Nintendo Switch.


John Friscia
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