Moonlighter: Between Dimensions hits consoles, base game sells 1M copies


Moonlighter: Between Dimensions, the new expansion for Moonlighter, is hitting consoles just as the base game hits one million copies sold around the globe. The game launched in May 2018 and has hit this milestone in around two years on the market. Since November 2018, the player base has reached 3.5 million.

Moonlighter: Between Dimensions adds a host of new content for players to explore. It brings with it a brand new interdimensional dungeon ripe for exploration, and it even has a chance to appear as a Corrupted Dungeon in the original dungeons.

The DLC further adds 10 new original enemies and five mini-bosses. You can pick up a new short sword, long sword, spear, gloves, bow, and a full set of weapons an armor. Within the new equipment are trick weapons, 10 unique weapons that are both powerful and have a punishing caveat attached to them. There’s a new ring for boosting Will’s passive abilities too.

There’s an entirely new upgrade to the shop where Will can showcase the interdimensional goodies he has in stock. With a new shop upgrade comes new customers, each with their own wants and needs, and a new NPC, the Trader. The final new piece of content that only comes with Moonlighters: Between Dimensions is the expanded lore and story for players to explore.

Outside of the expansion, which is available on Nintendo Switch now for $6.99, there are some free updates to Moonlighter for all players. Regardless of whether you own Between Dimensions, you will be seeing new thieves invading your shop, a new client, the Indecisive Customer, and a bizarre bird who will start to terrorize your client base.


Jamie Sharp
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