The eerie, terror-filled world of The Fall will be coming to PC and Mac, and soon the Wii U, thanks to the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign by developer Over The Moon, surpassing its $17,000 USD goal with over two weeks left to go.

While the campaign lists both the Wii U and Linux versions of the game as a stretch goal (at $29,000), an update to the post reads:

The Fall will be coming to the Wii U. Over The Moon is now an official Nintendo developer. Wii U launch will happen just shortly after the initial PC/Mac release.

This dark, episodic adventure seems perfectly fit for the Wii U’s Gamepad, so having this indie title come to the platform should be a treat for Wii U owners. The game is designed to be a \”fresh mix of genres,\” inspired by games such a Super Metroid and Monkey Island, to provide an interesting mixture of a game.

The Fall is a story about ARID, a virtual intelligence integrated into an armoured combat suit, who’s activated when the human pilot inside the suit is rendered unconscious.  ARID awakes in a half-initialized state, with very little control over the suit and its functions. Somehow however, it must find a way to help its human pilot, even though it can barely help its self. 

With very few, dim light sources at your disposal, you seem to wander through an unsettling ecosystem just waiting to devour you. A healthy dosage of both combat and exploration is paired with environmental interaction to create a curious and rewarding experience.

Backers of the campaign, who will help The Fall reach its further stretch goals, can receive themed apparel, official art, and much more. Art and design upgrades, expanded localization, and future episodes are also part of the campaign’s stretch goal plan.


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