Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense is among the latest indie games trying to make their debut on the Wii U. After the unveiling of Nintendo Web Framework at GDC, it’s never been easier for independent game developers to bring their games on the Wii U using either HTML 5, javascript, CSS, etc. Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense is a game made by Psychoz Interactive that uses Unity3d engine.


Additionally, future iOS ports may be arriving on the Wii U eShop. Tizen App Developers\’ Stewart Christie from GDC 2013 sent out a tweet communicating that they \”have free s/w to convert iOS to JavaScript and CSS, then you can deploy on Nintendo Wii U\”. Essentially, they created an App that takes advantage of Nintendo’s new Web Framework by converting iOS apps to JavaScript and CSS to be put onto the Wii U.


To make matters more encouraging, due to the recently updated criteria  it’s hard to imagine that these indie game titles won\’t make their way to Wii U. It’s going to be an exciting generation for both developers and gamers alike.


Read this news article for more about what’s going on in the indie spectrum of the industry.

List of Recent Indie Titles Looking to Make Their Way to Wii U:


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