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The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch releases June 5, and until now we’ve seen very little footage of the port. It’s been in the works for several months since last year’s PC and other-console release, and first impressions of the Switch port aren’t ideal. We’ve posted our own comparison video, but the technically inclined team at Digital Foundry has gone into a bit more detail on the Switch’s shortcomings.

In short, the game is all kinds of blurry on Switch, particularly in handheld mode. Resolutions there drop below 400p, and at times town signs and in-game text are unreadable. Major texture pop-in is also present along with a general dip in overall graphical quality. The frame rate isn’t stable either, and combined with loading “pauses” where the game stops like a buffering YouTube video, it makes for a less-than-ideal experience.

However, behind the undeniable technical drawbacks lies a brilliant action RPG. Whilst some playability is lost on Switch, Brett still got sucked back in to Obsidian’s massive open-world adventure and thoroughly enjoyed it on Switch. It’s probably a good idea to pick the game up on a different system if you have no intention of playing it portably, but if you do or the Switch is your only console, then this rendition of The Outer Worlds is still worth a playthrough.

What do you think of The Outer Worlds on Switch? For argument’s sake, here’s our own comparison video:


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