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It has been a long, long road to the new Mortal Kombat movie. In fact, it wasn’t until May 2019 that it even seemed likely the movie would really happen. But now, the Mortal Kombat movie is finally releasing in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously on April 16, and its red band trailer is here at long last.

The film is the theatrical directorial debut for Simon McQuoid, and it aims to convey an authentic Mortal Kombat experience, even though the protagonist is an original character named Cole Young. Cole has a “birthmark” that is basically the game series’s logo, meaning he has been chosen to participate in, well, mortal combat. Shang Tsung sends Sub-Zero after Cole and apparently others in a sort of Terminator situation, and we can see presumably a flashback where Sub-Zero literally breaks Jax’s arms, establishing the backstory of why he would need killer robot arms.

YouTube doesn’t want to allow “age-restricted” content to be embedded in page, so we’re not embedding the YouTube version — but you can watch the Mortal Kombat movie trailer in the tweet below, as Twitter doesn’t pretend to care about your age.

In all honesty, I think the film looks hokey, and if it weren’t attached to the Mortal Kombat license, I can’t imagine it would get much attention. However, just because the movie doesn’t look like high art doesn’t mean it won’t be a lot of fun to watch all of the martial arts and Fatalities, and it will probably scratch an itch for longtime fans who have been waiting decades for a new film.

If you choose to watch the Mortal Kombat movie on HBO Max, just remember it will only be available there for its first 31 days of release.


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