Krillbite Studios’ Mosaic will be heading to Nintendo Switch next Summer. Per the developer’s website, the game is part narrative, part mystery as “Strange things start happening”. On Thursday morning, Raw Fury, the game’s publisher released a teaser trailer on its YouTube channel, though it still leaves many things about Mosaic’s story a mystery.

As the trailer shows, its main character goes about his simple, mundane life but suddenly realizes something bigger going on, a realization that appears to be unfolding. When it comes to Mosaic‘s release, it comes three years after the release of Among the Sleep. In 2014, Krillbite released its first-person horror game on PC, then ported it to console over the next two years.

In the case of the studio’s upcoming mystery game, it has been very coy on what information it puts out. The last time information about Mosaic was released was back in March when it was only announced for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4; and it had an end of 2018 release date. What intrigues you the most about Mosaic? Comment below!

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Nick Battaglia
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