Mother 4 trailer

Nintendo seems to have no interest in making Mother 4, so a dedicated group of fans has taken the responsibility upon themselves, officially revealing their project yesterday through a four-minute trailer on YouTube. A fan-made Mother game faces pretty impossible odds, needing to both 1) successfully follow up earlier Mother games, including the legendary Earthbound, and 2) avoid falling within the crosshairs of a Nintendo  C&D. While the C&D seems almost inevitable, you can watch the trailer below and decide for yourself whether the developers have properly captured the feel and scope of a Mother title.

If you enjoyed the trailer, you may want to take a peek at the game’s website, which discusses the story and characters powering Mother 4. Promising an adventure full of quirky friends and foes, challenging dungeons (with psychedelic battle backgrounds, to boot!), and a story pitting pure evil against good ol’ friendship, the developers here seem to have done a decent job of capturing the feel of a Mother title.

Taking a look at the game’s trailer, screenshots, and quirky premise, I am almost a little disappointed that the developers here chose to characterize their title as Mother 4, instead of a retooled spiritual successor that doesn’t blatantly infringe on Nintendo’s IP (the developers of Oddity opted to go this route, and I hope that this team does as well). The early reveal alone suggests to me that Mother 4 might be a pretty special project, so it pains me that its ultimate destiny is likely a C&D and choked distribution – unless, of course, the team is able to put a little more force behind the project and spin it off into a bona fide spiritual successor.

Andrew Rockett
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