Milestone’s MotoGP 19 will be releasing on Switch in the coming weeks along with other platforms. The last version of the game received sub-par reviews on Switch due to the port being a bit lacking. But, the development team has taken that feedback to heart and has worked to make improvements on this go-around.

A bit of a fixer-upper

Speaking with GameReacor Spain, a developer from Milestone named Alessandro Ciavola shared the improvements that have been made to the Switch version of MotoGP 19. According to Ciavola, the physics will be “totally different” and the graphics have been “improved”. He also confirmed there will be “new challenges and historical pilots.” The race mode has also received an upgrade “with improvements in motorcycles” and also “new cameras”. These are just a few of the main improvements that he specified, as he also added: “there are many things, we have tried to improve everything we could.” In order to “improve the gameplay and framerate”, Ciavola also confirmed that the number of drivers in each race is reduced on Switch.

The Switch version of MotoGP 19 also retains the Neuronal AI system that the other versions have, which allows for the AI racers to learn from the behavior of the human player rather than the traditional system of the CPUs simply following lines of code that were programmed in by the developers. This will should make the races feel more authentic.

Riding offline

While Milestone has appeared to have a lot o hard work to bring the Switch version closer to that of the others, there is still a missing feature: online multiplayer. Ciavola did not mention exactly why this feature was cut, but did say that there is instead eight-player local multiplayer instead.

MotoGP 19 will be speeding its way onto the Nintendo Switch on June 27, 2019.


A.K Rahming
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