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Sonic’s major motion picture debut is a few months away. Delayed because of the public outcry over the Blue Blur’s, uh, entire body, fans are understandably eager to see how Sonic is going to look in the film. A short while ago, a movie poster seemingly spoiled the hedgehog’s new look. Now, a recently leaked movie ad backs up that picture.

It could be a fake movie ad, but why be pessimistic?!

Thanks to Twitter user @TailsChannel, gamers have another piece of evidence regarding Sonic’s makeover:

My word, that looks a million times better than the horrifying teeth monster from before. I hope it’s legit.

As Tails’ Channel states, the “timing dates” from November to February might indicate when the standee is scheduled to pop up in theaters. It’s certainly plausible: the Sonic movie is coming out on February 14, 2020, and that date matches up with the aforementioned ones. Of course, both this image and the one from late October could be doctored pictures, so this is all a rumor, for now.

However, if the movie ad is real, I’m a fan of the revised look. Sonic’s eyes are still separate instead of his weird connected pupils from the games, but he thankfully appears as if he jumped out from the Genesis. Fingers crossed that when he talks, his maw is just a black abyss. I cannot deal with teeth of any kind.

Sonic enthusiasts, do you think this movie ad is the real deal? Was it necessary to change Sonic’s look in the first place? Let us know below!

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