Moving Out

Moving Out, a game that is essentially Overcooked! if it were about moving out of your house, looks to be coming along nicely based on the latest dev blog. There, the game’s architects gave a quick view at how they go about designing levels for their game, using a level called Hoop House as an example. Hoop House is inspired by one of the designer’s real-life childhood homes, with some slight changes to make the house less livable and more apt for co-op gameplay. After all, how else will Moving Out achieve the same degree of hair-pulling chaos that has forced nearly every Overcooked! fan to make peace with their god? The eight-step process below gives a brief look at how the various teams behind the game work together to make their visions a colorful, fun reality.

There are several steps involved in the process for creating a Moving Out level…

1. Research
2. Pencil sketch of idea
3. Prototype in probuilder
4. Playtest
5. Feedback and fixes
6. Art Pass (Art team makes it look nice while working with designers to make sure they don’t break gameplay).
7. Final Design Pass (Once art is finished the level is passed back to designers so they can implement colliders and check gameplay.)
8. QA Level

…Once that’s all done, we have a lovely finished level ready to play!

It’s pretty simple stuff, but it’s cool to learn about the work that goes into turning an old, real-world house into a playable level. Moving Out is targeting a 2020 release date on Switch and other platforms–will you be giving it a try?



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