moving out moving in update

Moving Out transported Overcooked‘s frantic food experience to a moving house scenario back in April. At the time, we reviewed the game and deemed it a worthy descendant of the catering party game. In the time since, Team17 has delivered a stream of updates for Moving Out, and this next one is the biggest yet. Moving Out‘s next major update is called Moving In, and it flips the script. It adds a new mode to the base game’s 12 levels, where this time you’ll have the task of emptying the removal van and placing down furniture.

There are a few other additions coming with Moving In too, including a big QOL change. Auto Snap mode is being introduced to help you plonk beds and sofas exactly where you want them to go. We’d assume this is like an auto-place mode, so it might make things easier for some players. Having said that, ever trashed a house trying to move furniture in? Yeah, me too. This would have come in handy.

Rounding out the update is a new customization option allowing you to choose character shirts, along with two new dance moves, “The Prospector and Loveshack.” The Moving Out Moving In update will arrive sometime in the near future.

[Source: PR]

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