moving out

There’s an ever-growing genre of chaotic and stress-inducing co-op games out there that give you and your loved ones a great way to lose your minds together. Moving Out, the co-operative couch carrying game from Team17, is the latest of the bunch and is set to arrive at the end of the month on a variety of consoles. Before the April 28 release date, though, a new trailer has been dropped that shows off a variety of incredibly thoughtful accessibility options included in the game, alongside a helpful and easy to grasp Assist Mode.

Accessibility options in video games are majorly important, and Moving Out is stuffed with them. Players can use the Scalable UI to adjust the size and positioning of HUD elements dynamically, and a Dyslexic Friendly Text mode swaps the default font of the game with a clearer and less stylized set of fonts. There are also full subtitle options for all in-game speech. Keyboard controls can be fully remapped as you see fit, and there are a variety of preset controller profiles available including left-handed and right-handed only configurations.

If you want more gameplay-related assist features in Moving Out, you’ll want to use the Assist Mode. Toggling this adds a bevy of helpful gameplay adjustments that can make the experience much smoother, from increased time limits and lighter items to less difficult level layouts and level-skip features.

Moving Out is set to launch on April 28 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.


Miguel Moran
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