Murder Mystery Machine

Murder Mystery Machine, a puzzle game from Blazing Griffin and Microids, just got a Switch eShop release date of August 25. The game was initially teased all the way back in March of this year – its initial teaser trailer is embedded below for your convenience.

Promising a modern noir setting, gameplay centered on puzzles and deduction, and a whole lot of murder, Murder Mystery Machine appears to be quite a fun game for puzzle enthusiasts. As the third member of the Microids Indie label, the game will aim to captivate with engaging puzzles and an intriguing story.

Here’s how the publisher describes the game’s plot:

In Murder Mystery Machine, you join the D.C.A., the District Crime Agency. Your mission is to help detectives Cassandra Clarke, the young recruit, and Nate Houston, the jaded detective, solve cases no one else wants to touch. It all begins when politician Frank Daniels is found dead in what looks like a burglary. Our two heroes will soon find themselves involved in a series of complex and interconnected crimes. Will you be up to the challenge and uncover the truth?

You will have to investigate multiple crime scenes putting your analytical and deduction skills to the test. Collect clues, connect evidence, interrogate suspects and find the truth at the heart of your investigation.

Are you interested in Murder Mystery Machine? What do you think of the plot and gameplay details that we have? Let us know in the comment section below.


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