John Wick screenwriter co-creator Derek Kolstad writer executive producer R-rated 30-minute My Friend Pedro TV show series

My Friend Pedro is not a conventional game, and now it is getting an unconventional TV show adaptation to match. John Wick screenwriter and creator Derek Kolstad is going to serve as writer and executive producer on the series, which will be an “R-rated half-hour dramedy series” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show is a collaboration among Legendary Television, DJ2 Entertainment, and 87North Productions. John Wick producer David Leitch of 87North and Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson will also be executive producers.

My Friend Pedro tells the story of a man who is instructed by a floating sentient banana to kill people. Likewise, it is also known for high-octane bullet ballet action where bullets are whizzing and ricocheting all over the place to hit their targets. It’s here where the parallels with John Wick become most apparent, as both are known for fast-paced and vicious action scenes. If anybody’s going to make a My Friend Pedro TV show — sure, might as well make it Derek Kolstad.

The dramedy has no announced platform yet, but if it’s going to be “R-rated,” it’s probably not going to land on ABC or CBS anytime soon.

Are you excited for a My Friend Pedro TV show, or are you just shaking your head in disbelief?


John Friscia
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