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The cast of playable characters in arena brawler My Hero One’s Justice 2 only grows with each passing day. A massive assortment of heroes and villains from the global smash-hit manga and anime series My Hero Academia are set to be part of the lineup in this exciting new video game spinoff. The latest character to be added to the roster is Gang Orca, a formidable pro hero who made his presence known in numerous big confrontations during the story.

Kugo Sakamata goes by the hero name Killer Whale Hero: Gang Orca, thanks to his Quirk (a special ability in the world of My Hero Academia and My Hero One’s Justice 2) being an orca-based mutation called Orcinus. In the upcoming arena fighter, he’ll be able to utilize various ranged attacks with long-reach to put pressure on his opponents. He also has some nasty unblockable attacks that he can utilize to set up some absolutely killer combos.

Details on the Arcade Mode for My Hero One’s Justice 2 have also been revealed. In the mode, each character has three possible routes they can go down, with each battle in a chosen route being capped off with a unique scene of dialogue between the brawlers. If you clear six battles in a row, you’ll also get some rare in-game rewards.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 13 worldwide.


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