My Hero One's Justice 2

Just ahead of the anime’s fourth season, My Hero One’s Justice 2 has gotten its first gameplay trailer. The trailer shows off a few of the new characters, including the Big Three and that new villain that I refuse to be spoiled on. The game is set to release for the Switch sometime in 2020.

If you’re an anime-only fan (like me), be warned that there are some minor character spoilers in there. It’s not much, but it does showcase some costumes and quirks that haven’t made it into the anime yet. At the end of the trailer, there’s also an interaction between two characters that may or may not be a major plot point, although this could be game exclusive.

My Hero One’s Justice featured a cast of 23 playable characters, and with season four of the anime arriving soon, we can expect many more in the sequel. The fourth season is starting on Oct 12, so there’s a good chance it will be over by the time this game releases.

Anime fighting games tend to get a bit samey as far as sequels go, so make sure to check out our review of the first game here. Let us know in the comments which characters you want to see in My Hero One’s Justice 2.


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