The Sonic redesign has been revealed. The Blue Blur looks a lot better than he did before, and the latest trailer for the Sonic film is more tonally sound than the first. But how does Sonic’s co-creator, Yuji Naka, feel about the new look? Thanks to Twitter, we now know his innermost feelings.

Yuji Naka has words for the movie’s design team

Website DualShockers translated Naka’s tweets from Japanese to English. In total, the man shared two messages regarding the upcoming Sonic movie.

Here’s the first tweet:

And the translation:

Sonic’s new design for the movie is out. However, it seems they’re making it as if the old design didn’t exist, as the movie official account’s old tweets were deleted. I wanted to see a special DVD version of the movie which used the old design. Too bad.

Whoa, Hollywood, don’t go erasing history. Even if you delete old messages referencing the original design, the internet never forgets. We learn and grow by remembering our past mistakes.

The second tweet appears below:

In English:

This is the new trailer with Sonic’s new design. The design is much more Sonic-like now that he’s wearing gloves. However, his eyes still aren’t joined together, as expected. I can’t help but feel weird about that one point. But I’m looking forward to the movie’s release.

Even though the eyes don’t connect, this latest Sonic appearance is still so much better than the mouth monster. Also, thank goodness for the gloves. The weird, white hand things from before gave me the willies.

Enthusiasts, do you agree with Yuji Naka’s points? Are you more or less excited to see the Sonic movie after the recent trailer? Let us know below.

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