Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada has spoken about developing on the Wii U

“I think maybe the game [Tekken] is coming along smoother than most people would think, as far as the look of the game. As far as graphical processing and such, it’s not much of an issue. But as far as the CPU goes, the clock is kinda low. I guess they’re trying to keep power consumption down so we have to come up with creative ways to get around that and that’s taking a little bit of time.”

Harada was then asked if the CPU is lower than that of the Xbox or PS3 and responded with

“Maybe a little bit. For example on PS3 it was kind of difficult at first, but if you made good use of the different cores, you could split up the processing tasks and you could achieve very good effects. But this is kind of a different issue than that.”

When asked about Smash Bros, Harada said…

“Obviously it’s a big priority for the company, so company-wide there are a lot of people involved with that particular project. Not just from Tekken but a lot of our franchises. Although our main core staff is busy with Tekken Tag tournament 2 and trying to finish that up, I do think we’ll support the initiative in some kind of capacity. That question was one of the most frequently asked questions we got when we announced the project. Especially from abroad. The fans, rather than asking about Tales or Gundam, or some of our other franchises, the fans abroad saw Tekken as one of the key words and took off on that. We’re not really sure at this moment but when thinking of the playerbase who is playing Smash Bros, maybe Tekken characters is something they wouldn’t want, so I’ve been pulling back on that a bit. But I don’t know.”



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