Narita Boy: Techno Edition

On March 30, Narita Boy launched on Nintendo Switch. I’ve been interested in the title ever since I saw its debut trailer, though I haven’t gotten a chance to purchase it yet. Team17 seemingly heard of my hesitation, as it announced a special version of the game today. Dubbed the Narita Boy: Techno Edition, the package includes many goodies, including a literal arcade cabinet. There is only one package available for the general public, and it’ll set you back $11,000.

The Narita Boy: Techno Edition costs as much as a small home

Here is what the Narita Boy: Techno Edition includes:

  • Narita Boy Arcade machine
  • Custom controller for either the Xbox One or PS4 (boo, no Switch)
  • Copy of Narita Boy for every available platform
  • Care Package
  • Augmented Reality Pin Set
  • Original Soundtrack in both physical and digital form

Though there is only one arcade cabinet available for private ownership, three others are being made for museums. Specifically, The Strong: The National Museum of Play in New York, The National Videogames Museum in Sheffield, UK, and Arcade Vintage: Museo del VideoJuego in Alicante, Spain. The profits made from the Techno Edition will go towards preservation projects, which is a great cause. Especially in an age where we see the limits of digital distribution.

If any enthusiast is interested in buying the Narita Boy: Techno Edition, it’s still obtainable here. Do any of you have $11,000 to spare? Let us know below!

[Source: PR]

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