What a day we have in store for you! Five brand new project announcements including the exciting ReVeN: X-Bridge, Nefarious & Illo: Birth of the Cool, to the intriguing Dolphin Up and Typoman. There’s also Melissa K but with not much to go on yet it’s hard to get overly excited. Today’s Indie Corner: Daily Dose also brings you five project updates in the form of Elysian Shadows, Get Close, Hive Jump, Jenny LeClue & Team Notion.

Dolphin Up

Elysian Shadows (New Footage)

GetClose (New Footage)

Hive Jump (New Footage)

Illo: Birth of the Cool

Melissa K & The Heart Of Gold

Jenny LeClue (New Footage)

Nefarious (New Kickstarter)

ReVeN: X-Bridge


Team Notion

#TeamNotion Wii U cover 1 progress. I just got the pencils from Zakaria Laaouaial and I will color it up. Stay Tuned pic.twitter.com/tHZrg68gTz

— Notion Games (@NotionGamesLLC) August 18, 2014

The Power of Glove (Power Glove Documentary) – Kickstarter Update

We’ve been receiving a lot of messages from fans who are suggesting that the pledge amount for the DVD should be lowered in order to make it more widely accessible. When we set out to make this documentary, it was always our goal to stay in close touch with our fans and to try to accommodate their suggestions, so ask and you shall receive!

Today we’re introducing a limited-amount of DVD prize packages for a $30 pledge amount. For those of you who have already pledged a higher amount for the DVDs, we totally understand if you’d like to reduce your pledge amount for this limited-edition offer. No hard feelings.


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