Play NES and Famicom titles with the Nintendo Switch-like Retro Champ

Retro gaming is great no matter how you do it. Some prefer having older titles at home on their big screen television, while others would rather portability play these gems from back in the day. The Nintendo Switch, though, has shown that we can actually have the best of both worlds. Now it seems the folks at My Arcade are looking to give a similar experience with their upcoming Retro Champ console.

Planned to release in June with a price tag of $79.99, this inspired hardware can play both NES and Famicom titles. Cartridges are needed to play these games which certainly takes a hit on portability. However, the impressive 7-inch LCD display certainly makes up for that. Just be sure to have a big enough bag on you. The battery life also boasts 3-5 hours of play on a full charge.

The Retro Champ boasts a kickstand to play using the wireless controllers which instantly draws comparisons to the Nintendo Switch. That’s not all, though. The HDMI port on the console also makes it easy to convert what you’re playing to a TV as well. There’s no docking involved here. Just hook up the device straight to your television set.

Play NES and Famicom titles with the Nintendo Switch-like Retro Champ

My Arcade will be showing off the Retro Champ during CES 2019. The event will be running from January 8th to 11th in Las Vegas. We’ll hopefully get a better idea on how well this device runs after initial impressions. So far, it’s looking like a neat retro gaming solution for those of us who have adapted to a post Switch world.

What do you think of the Retro Champ? Is this something you might pick up later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

David Giltinan
David has been involved in games media since 2012 running his own blog, YouTube channel, being a founding member of RETRO Magazine, and now as host/producer of ARGcast - Another Retro Gaming Podcast. He also dabbles in voiceover and is occasionally a stunt double for Jude Law.


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