Though they\’re having some trouble unlocking the characters, a few Japanese players have gotten their hands on the new Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and are now streaming their play through the game onto the Internet. Going through Classic mode, these players have unlocked returning veterans Ness and Falco, as well as newcomer Dark Pit, a clone of Brawl veteran Pit of Kid Icarus.





From the looks of things, you can simply unlock these characters by completing Classic mode. Both Falco and Ness aren\’t too ifferent from their Brawl incarnations, but it is likely too soon to tell to what degree. However, Ness has definitely gotten an increase in kill power across a number of moves, such as his PK Thunder of all attacks.

Meanwhile. Dark Pit is by and large a clone of his light counterpart Pit. It does seem like he\’ll have at least a few moves that differ from Pit’s. Ness and Falco, on the other hand, do not have any significant changes to their movesets.

Surprisingly, these players have not yet been removed from Twitch yet. Their streams are commanding audiences of over twenty thousand people. While the streams have been flagged, no official word or action has come from Nintendo just yet.


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