Castlevania is more successful than ever!

It’s just come in from Deadline Hollywood that the Netflix exclusive Castlevania series has been renewed for a third season. As someone who just binged the entire second season, I could not be more excited.

Netflix Castlevania

It seems writer Warren Ellis and director Sam Deats have their plates full, what with this season three announcement along with the rumor from Adi Shankar (Producer of Castlevania) that they might be making a Legend of Zelda adaptation next.

Will it be the same number of episodes?

The third season will be 10 episodes long according to sources. Remember, season one was essentially only a proof-of-concept at 4 episodes, season two doubled it to 8. And now, riding high on their success, they’ve upped the episode count to 10.

Netflix Castlevania

10 episodes might allow them to delve into side characters even further. I say this because a number of the vampire generals in season two remained oddly silent their entire time on screen. I won’t spoil anything in season two, but there’s plenty of directions season three could go.

Potential ways this season could go

Hopefully, the show doesn’t fall into the cycle of trying to release on a faster work schedule to maintain popularity. The best part of this adaptation is the awe-inspiring amount of detail and workmanship that goes into the animation. That and the fact that the writing is some of the most realistic I’ve seen (looking at you, Trevor and Alucard). I would hate to see that degrade just because they’re working on a tighter deadline.

But honestly, I’m not too worried about that. If you’ve watched season two, then this season three announcement is no surprise. The show is so obviously made by fans of the franchise, and they’ve poured their hearts and souls into making it.

What could season three be about?

Here’s hoping the stellar writing quality maintains. And, rather than continuing the story with the same cast, they adapt other games and stories from the franchise. I mean Aria of Sorrow alone could be a widely different setting and cast. Give me the white-haired bishie boy king Soma Cruz!

Netflix Castlevania

Aria of Sorrow Cover Art



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