Yes, folks that is correct.  First we had the unusual top loading red Wii U in Canada, and now IGN is reporting news of a new 2DS slim system that will play original DS, DSi, and 3DS games.  The system is a basic flat slate looking system with a an upper and lower screen and with no sign of a hinge anywhere like all of the original DS systems had.

On the side is a slider that can be slid up and down to make it as if the system is in sleep mode just like what happens when the lid is shut on a 3DS. It will come with a 4 GB SD card, utilizes the same power source as the 3DS and Dsi, will have two cameras in back, and will only have one speaker with mono sound but when plugged into headphones the sound will be in stereo.

AR games will still work and 3D pics can still be snapped but only in 2D.  When the pics are transferred to a 3DS then the 3D magic is still retained.  Wifi can be turned on and off using the system software.

Interestingly enough it plays all regular 2DS and 3DS games as well but without the 3DS functionality.  So, why the flat design and no hinge to close it to make it more compact? NOA president Reggie Fils-Aime addressed the main concept at hand.

\”With the Nintendo 3DS we were clear to parents that, \’hey we recommend that your children be seven to utilize this device.\’ So clearly that creates an opportunity for five-year-olds, six-year-olds, that first time handheld-gaming consumer,\” said Fils-Aime.

Nintendo wants even younger players such as those who are in the five and six year old range to be able to play great games such as Animal Crossing or Mario Kart 7 but with a lower range price point.

But why is the 3D effect missing?

\”It doesn\’t mean that we are not committed at all to 3D and that we don\’t think that’s a really valuable, unique eye-popping feature for a lot of gamers.  We just wanted to continue to growing the installed base and needed to find a price point that was more accessible…\” said Scott Moffit from Nintendo.

The 2DS will launch in October in blue color and in red on October 12 for a price point of $130 alongside its cousins, the 3DS priced at $169.99 and the 3DS XL priced at $199.99.

You can check out the official 2DS pictures below along with its carrying pouch.


What do you think of the new design?


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