Breath of the Wild fish trick

Death, taxes, and new discoveries in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game, which is now approaching two-and-a-half years old with millions and millions of hours played, still has cool secrets and tricks being discovered on a regular basis. This time, Reddit user charlieboy95 used a few basic tenets of the game to unearth a new and somewhat unconventional fishing method that allows you to easily catch close to a dozen fish at a time. For a video of the trick in action, check out the original post here. For an explanation, read on.

Breath of the Wild fishing trick

As many of us know, the fish in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are afraid of outside sounds and will swim away from their sources. Playing off of this, if you can produce sounds (like whistling) from within a body of water, then fish will swim towards the shoreline. By standing on a floating crate or a block of ice, you can easily position yourself wherever you need to be to start scaring fish towards dry land. The rest is simple: if the shore is gently sloped, like at the ocean or on a river (this will not work with most lakes), then the fish will inadvertently beach themselves en masse and flop around helplessly while you swim over and scoop ’em all up.

The level of detail and the myriad ways to break Breath of the Wild never cease to amaze. The interworking systems of the game all play off of each other in amazing ways, and I am certain that cool discoveries like this, infinite Korok glitches, and endless jumps will not be stopping any time soon.

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