DK Country - Tropical Freezwe

Nintendo has unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch, which highlights the title’s phenomenal visuals and action-packed platforming. Watch it below.

Tropical Freeze was an absolute gem on Wii U, and seeing it make its way to Switch is fantastic. The title is one of the better platformers of the last decade; Switch owners that didn’t have a Wii U should get excited for this one.

Arctic invaders have turned Donkey Kong Island into their personal frozen fortress, and it’s up to you to save the day when Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze launches on Nintendo Switch May 4th! Barrel-blast into this critically acclaimed adventure, complete with a banana-bunch of new features. Traverse islands packed with platforming perfection and nonstop action as the classic Kongs in the original game, or mix things up by playing the story as Funky Kong in the new Funky Mode!

The game launches for Switch on May 4. Will you be picking up the port? Comment below, let us know.

Aric Sweeny
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