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Dragalia Lost is one of those games that gets overlooked for its genre’s reputation. Gacha games are indeed the devil’s own scam. However, among the sea of other waifu collection titles, Dragalia Lost has maintained an excellent story, rewarding milestones, and a relatively generous attitude toward in-game currency. It’s also unique among Nintendo’s mobile offerings in that it’s crossed over with different franchises: Fire Emblem Heroes (twice), Mega Man, and Monster Hunter, not to mention Cygames dropping its own characters in (though with significantly less fanfare). With this in mind, it’s not so far-fetched to think there might be a Legend of Zelda mashup in the works, considering that upcoming character Nadine is straight-up using a Sheikah Slate to take pictures. Check out the announcement video:

Sporting the unflattering epithet “Selfie Addict,” or “Selfie Ace” in Japanese, Nadine seems like a chipper young woman, especially in contrast to her more serious counterpart Linnea. Nadine is classified as a spear user, but her in-game model holds onto the Sheikah Slate as opposed to any other weapon. This isn’t completely unheard of in the game, but it tends to be reserved for very special characters, like Veronica from Fire Emblem Heroes. And while all this may seem like baseless conjecture at this point, the official Dragalia Lost site actually has something to say about the camera:

You don’t need to look too closely at Nadine’s “magical device from another world” to see that it clearly has the Eye of the Sheikah on it. It has the shape, the curls, the tear, and the three triangular lashes. And like Link’s Slate, it’s capable of taking selfies.

To my knowledge, Cygames has never foreshadowed something this heavily before, outside of its own characters. A story and summoning event featuring the Legend of Zelda would be amazing, and I’d love to have Link and Zelda in my roster alongside Marth, Chrom, and Mega Man. Heck, if Nadine’s Sheikah Slate is pointing at a crossover, then Dragalia Lost is slowly becoming a Smash Bros. RPG. But of course, this is all just speculation.

Nadine (and Linnea) will be available to summon from June 12 at 2:00 a.m. ET to June 22. We’ll report back if there’s anything linking her to Hyrule.

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Dominick Ashtear

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