Announced last April as a Wii U exclusive, the latest game in the Fatal Frame series (known as Project Zero in Europe), Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden, has a brand new trailer you can check out below. The game is due for release in Japan on September 27th.


Koei Tecmo released details of the game last month in the Famitsu magazine. You take control of Kozukata Yuuri, who can see the spirits of people who have been taken into the ghost world. In order to bring them back into the land of the living, these strips ask Kozukata to visit Mount Hikamiyama, where the worlds of the living and dead crossover.

The trailer details how the Wii U GamePad is used, where users will photograph these spooky ghouls to hurt them. While no details of a release outside Japan have been revealed, are you hoping this gets an international release? Let us know below!



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