Smash fans, look out. Your selection for Gamecube-inspired controllers for the Nintendo Switch has just expanded. If you desire to play the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in pure throwback fashion with a Gamecube control layout, check out these Nintendo-themed controllers from PDP. Each of these controllers can be yours for the low price of $25 USD. You’ll have your pick of Zelda, Mario, or Pokémon aesthetic options.

These third-party controllers come with a 10-foot long USB cable. Additionally, PDP removed the traditional c-stick and replaced it with a “full-size stick with the detachable stick design” according to the listings on Amazon.

Earlier this year, Nintendo understood that a market still existed for fans of Super Smash Bros. Melee on Gamecube. So, they announced a Gamecube-style Switch controller of their own. Nintendo’s design largely mirror’s the design of the Gamecube controllers of old. So, if you’re a purist, then the first-party offering might be your bag. But, if you’re not entirely concerned with that detail, PDP’s controllers might be the more effective option in terms of comfort and ease. Take a look at the difference between the controllers below.

Throwback controller designs

These Gamecube-inspired controllers are not the first throwback to an earlier day in gaming controls. Recently, Hori designed a left Joy-Con that replaced the four individual buttons with a classic D-pad. This was meant to appeal to fans who missed the classic directional button for use in retro-inspired games. Additionally, it’s easy to see how a D-pad might increase accuracy over individual buttons when it comes to diagonal movements and naturally shifting between the directions. Be sure to check out our review of the Hori left Joy-Con.

In other nostalgic controller news, Nintendo recently announced a pair of NES controllers for the Switch. These controllers can be attached to the Switch like a pair of Joy-Con. But, that feature is really only meant for charging as the controllers are not designed to operate properly for handheld mode. Sadly, these controllers are also only compatible with select NES games via Switch Online. Therefore, one must have Switch Online to really get any use out of these controllers.

With the advent of retro-inspired controllers, could something else be in the pipeline? Perhaps, we’ll eventually see the resurgence of the N64 controller? Hopefully, the only reason we’ll ever see that monstrosity again is to play N64 games on the potential mini classic edition of the console we are all so eagerly awaiting to be officially announced. Are you excited about any of these controllers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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