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If you have any affinity for the Pokémon anime, you know Team Rocket. Jesse, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet are the face of the organization, and they have been tormenting Ash for over 20 years. Sure, most of their attempts to snag Pikachu end in failure, yet they lose so spectacularly, it’s a delight to watch. The gang used to have an iconic greeting in the show, but now they have a slightly altered new intro for the latest iteration of the anime.

The new intro is incredible

Have a glimpse at the fresh Team Rocket welcome, courtesy of Twitter user @Tanooks:

Followers of the original Japanese series will note the words of the intro haven’t changed. However, the visuals and music have. I love the ruined landscapes, excellent choreography, and rock/jazz fusion. Also, “We’re the lovely, charming villains?” Why is such a beautiful line not used in the English dub?

The recently developed season of Pokémon is not available outside of Japan, sadly. It looks like fans will have to wait for a dub or sub to hit other areas. Hopefully soon!

Enthusiasts, do you enjoy the new intro for Team Rocket? Have you been following the anime series for all of these years? Let us know how much Pokémon media you have consumed below.

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