While Sakurai avoided any mention of Thanksgiving with yesterday’s update, one may think that the chaos of Black Friday is paralleled in today’s Smash Bros. update.


\”Pic of the day. A red-black effect now appears when you\’re hit by a strong blow. It\’ll only appear when you have high damage, so when you see this you\’re in trouble — and you\’re probably about to get KO\’d!\”

Indeed, with a heavy blow and high percent, the attacker creates a crackling effect that pierces the sky with black-and-red flair. From the looks of the screenshot, the effect extends much farther past the two characters involved. I wonder what this could mean for four-player Free-for-Alls, especially if everyone is at high damage? Too many effects on screen at a time?

Either way, the effect looks great. It also seems to come with a sort of glass-shattering effect, too. And, of course, we get another shot featuring the new effect added to slashes and other attacks to make them more distinct. Now that we\’re seeing larger effects such as this KO flair, making each character’s moves more distinguishable in the heat of battle is clearly Sakurai’s intent.

What do you think about this new effect? Too flashy? Not flashy enough? Or just right? I won\’t speak for everybody but at the very least it seems landing a kill is going to be that much more satisfying with this new effect.


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