A pseudo-legendary Pokémon is one that you can catch in the wild, but which can stand toe-to-toe with the gods of the Pokémon world. It all started with Dragonite – or, more specifically, with Dratini and a staggering 55 levels of training. Soon we’ll be able to recreate that relationship with a new line of Pokémon merchandise featuring one pseudo-legendary from each generation cuddling with its pre-evolution.

The line of merchandise features everything from keychains, to collector teacups, to phone cases, to my personal favorite: plushies. The grumpy Tyranitar holding its cheerful Larvitar is too cute for words. There are also oddities mixed in, like the Dratini neck pillow, a Bagon tissue box, and a Deino hand puppet. There seems to be something for everyone here.

Each piece is excessively cute. There’s something endearing about seeing Metagross playing with Beldum, something that I’ve never seen in official art. Dragonite is a personal favorite of mine, and I know that pseudo-legendaries usually rank pretty high in popularity polls.

I’ll be looking forward to an English release date or, at the very least, a good way to get my hands on them. I’ve got a feeling these will sell incredibly well. There’s been so much killer Pokémon merchandise lately that my wallet is at low health. Let us know in the comments which pseudo-legendary is your favorite, and which piece of merchandise you’re most excited about.


Cody Morris
Cody is a fan of the niche and super niche. He has a strong preference for JRPGs or anything with a grind in it. He spends his spare time wishing he was writing more.


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