It looks like the cute collection of metal scraps, Meltan will have a second form. A live-action video teased a silhouette of what the new form looks like. There are no details on how this will happen and if it’s an evolution or temporary change. No other mythical pokemon evolve, so it’s likely just a form change. Its new form has broad shoulders and a stout torso, which looks similar to Golurk but probably has no relation.


The video shows a person studying multiple Meltan and writing down their findings. While the text is in Japanese, the doodles imply they’re writing about the scene that took place prior. Throughout the video, the Meltan interact within a home setting and get into trouble, reminiscent of a Pixar short.

The end of the trailer implies that if a group of them come together they will combine to create the new form. However, you can’t catch duplicate legendaries or mythical pokemon. Their rarity is what gives them this status which is why they aren’t something you can catch freely in the wild. Not to mention their stats are much higher than the average pokemon. So this is probably just a nice way to end the trailer rather than legitimate instructions on how to unlock it.

Based on the website, more files on the pokemon are bound to release over the next few weeks leading up to Pokemon Let’s Go. Currently, only two entries are available and at least one of those will have to talk about this new form.

For those unaware, Meltan is a mythical pokemon (likely from generation eight) and can be obtained early if you link Pokémon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go. Do you think it’s cute just the way it is? Or are you happy to see it have a beefcake form?


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