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Metroid Dread (it’s still weird to write about that as a real, existing game) is back with another trailer! Nintendo is releasing a series of trailers subtitled “Glimpse of Dread,” and this is the second. The first showed Samus landing on planet ZDR where she discovered a Chozo relief, and seemingly an actual living Chozo. This trailer is set slightly before that, as we see Samus approaching planet ZDR from outer space in her gunship. Click below to soak it all in!

Metroid Dread trailer


X parasites and Power Suits

Most of the trailer is a recap, explaining that Samus was brought to ZDR by rumors of X parasites. In Fusion, Samus took drastic measures to completely eliminate the X parasites, going so far as destroying a Federation space station and a nearby planet. If they’re still alive somewhere, you can bet Samus will have something to say about that.

The end of the trailer shows Samus, now sporting a blue Power Suit instead of the iconic orange, collapsed on the ground. Something must happen shortly after her arrival that drastically alters her suit. Nintendo isn’t ready to explain that yet, but they certainly want us to be thinking about it, as the video’s caption asks: “In the second half of this video, why is Samus wearing a different suit than the one she started?”

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