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All cards on the table — we’ve been down this road before, folks. Reports from publications major and minor, domestic and international have been claiming for years already that a new, stronger Nintendo Switch model is in the works — often referred to as a “Switch Pro.” Heck, this past January, pre-pandemic, an analyst declared such a console would definitely launch this year. Well, uh, that looks unlikely. But via VGC, Taipei newspaper Economic Daily News reports that a new Nintendo Switch model will enter production later this year, to release in 2021.

The alleged new model will reportedly have better display quality and upgraded “interactivity,” and various manufacturers are cited as providing things like its flash storage and Joy-Con. Apparently no further detail was given than that.

At this point, we have to take reports like this with some skepticism. After all, a report from Digitimes back in January stated that a new Nintendo Switch model with a better CPU would be arriving in summer 2020, which proved to be a dubious claim when Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa explicitly said otherwise later that same month. And even if any of these reports are completely accurate, it’s still difficult to judge how the continuing impact of COVID-19 may affect plans down the road.

That said, it is exciting to speculate what a new Nintendo Switch model or “Switch Pro” could bring to the table. Vulnerability researcher Mike Heskin datamined the Switch firmware ver. 10.0.0 update back in April and found evidence that a new console could potentially have two screens. That’s an idea that could be just crazy enough to work.


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