Super Nintendo World photo at Universal Studios Japan

We have a new clear photograph of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. See that… block of terrain in the distance in the tweet below? That’s it. It’s clearly a Super Mario aesthetic, but I can’t quite place it to a specific game. The more interesting part of the tweet (well, to me) is that we can see this from the Waterworld live show stage.

Waterworld has been a feature of Universal Studios Japan since 2001 and Universal Studios Hollywood since 1995. Not relevant, but it goes to show that Universal Studios is a strange place where apparently anything can happen.

We know the addition to the park will be heavily themed around the Super Mario series. In a previously released image we see motifs of warp pipes and mushroom houses, as well as Bowser’s Castle. The park is also heavily implied to house a Mario Kart-based attraction.

Now that Mario and Kevin Costner are neighbors, there is absolutely no good reason not to pack up all your things and move to Japan. While I’m not saying that we’ll see Costner’s Mariner in Smash, I am saying that it’s more possible at this point than seeing Goku.

We’re still a ways out from Super Nintendo World’s 2020 opening, but hopefully, this little peek is enough to keep up excitement. What kind of attractions are you hoping for in Super Nintendo World? Do you recognize a game tile set to match the blocks? Let us know.


Cody Morris
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